by darsynia

Notes: Created for the 'Mothers' challenge at LJ's hp100. Written 5/16/06.

Three Simple Words

Character: Augusta Longbottom

It broke her heart—but that wasn’t anything new. Every time she visited, and especially when she brought her grandson, she left the place with her heart in her throat, her hands in fists, and a harsh tone to her voice.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love him. It was that loving him without his comprehending who she was had become such an intolerable pain that she turned into something she hated every time she went to see them.

Augusta’s heart shattered to a thousand precious pieces when Frank handed her the card with three simple words, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’

Maybe Next Year

Character: Remus Lupin

Remus wondered whether to send along a card. Lily had seemed quite shocked when he had told her rather defensively that he wasn’t planning on it. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his mother… it was that she always seemed to feel so guilty on days like today, as if she’d failed as a parent, just because he’d been bitten.

His mother wasn’t the type of woman you could just write in a card, ‘Look, it happened, and I don’t blame you. I love you, and I wanted to tell you that, today of all days.’ He sighed. Maybe next year.

The Room

Character: Merope Gaunt

It will be all right, she told her barely bulging belly. He loves us, he has to love us by now. Merope looked around the room, the hidden room in which she brewed her terrible secret. She both loved and hated this room—but she had another reason to love, now, and so did he. He wouldn’t be able to help it, as he wasn’t able to help loving her—but for a better, nobler reason.

Merope Riddle locked the door and turned away, resolving never to enter that room again. Tom didn’t know about either of her secrets, yet.