by darsynia

Notes: Created for leila_data at the now-defunct FanLib forum community. Set during the Order of the Phoenix book period. Written 12/07/07.

The problem with being banned from someplace was that, for a Weasley, this only heightened that place's desirability considerably. When that place was also being ruled with an iron fist (or, as George liked to say, with a webbed clubfoot, implying that Umbridge was not only a nasty old toad, but a deformed one, as well) and contained one's love interest... well, chances were high that the Weasley in question wouldn't be able to resist a visit.

Right now, the Weasley in question's name was Fred, and he was sitting quite audaciously on the stone edge of the roof in the Astronomy Tower, waiting patiently. The fact that he'd been waiting for only about five minutes made the likelihood that he could be described as 'patient' much higher, but that was beyond the point. Luckily for Fred (and whatever member of the Inquisitorial Squad who might have wandered up the tower on a whim and been hexed to oblivion for the crime of not being the right person), the student he had ventured to Hogwarts to visit had just walked out onto the roof wearing a Gryffindor scarf and a wistful expression on her face.

The expression became her quite well, Fred thought, which was a shame, because she didn't get to wear it for long.

"Oi," Fred said softly.

"Merlin's sodding—" Angelina Johnson swore in surprise. "Fred?!"

"Hi, luv," the red-haired young man said cheerfully. Angelina's loving response was to remove her sturdy quidditch shoe from one dainty foot and proceed to beat him about the torso and shoulders with it. "I missed you, too," Fred said, allowing the abuse to continue for a few painful seconds before he caught her hands to prevent further injury.

"You're completely off your rocker, you know that?" This was an expected and welcome endearment, and Fred responded as expected.

"Yes, completely—so what does that make you?"

This time, however, Angelina deviated from their routine, distracted as she was by their predicament as the star-crossed lovers Fred described them as in his sporadic letters to her.

"Oh, just shut up and kiss me before we get caught and myself and all of your loved ones have to be subjected to twenty years of boasting about how you risked life and limb to visit me under that awful woman's nose."

Fred obliged, thinking as he did so that there really wasn't anyone else in the world who suited him quite as well as she did.