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Unexpected Perks — Cho/Harry, rated NC-17 (1,412 words)
It's the unexpected perks of having the password to the Prefects' bathroom that Harry really likes...

Irrepressible — Angelina/Fred, rated PG (405 words)
The problem with being banned from someplace was that, for a Weasley, this only heightened that place's desirability considerably.

The Sacrifice — Lily/Severus, rated PG (2,596 words)
A chance meeting in the halls at night during their seventh year prompt Severus and Lily to each make a decision about the course their lives should take. Canon AU.

For Love — Lucius/Narcissa, rated PG-13 (1.635 words)
Narcissa has built her life the way she wanted, but her priorities are about to change. Character study/Deathly Hallows missing scene.

Truth, Reborn — Harry/Hermione, rated PG (2,333 words)
Harry tries to relieve his frustration about Dumbledore's departure from Hogwarts, and finds himself reevaluating a few things about himself and Hermione, instead.

Sunlight — Hermione/Remus, rated PG (2,768 words)
Remus and Hermione appreciate the value of a good silence. Canon AU.

Lis Du Feu — Cedric/Hermione, rated G (3,594 words)
Cedric wants to show Hermione something by the lake.

Magic Melody — Harry/Hermione, rated G (770 words)
Harry reflects on why he loves his wife so much. Just as cheesy and fluffy as it sounds. Futurefic.

The Meaning of Restraint — Ginny/Remus, rated R (3,620 words)
Ginny is out looking for a cheap thrill, but Remus shows her that pleasure can be incredible when you know the meaning of restraint. Futurefic; Canon AU.

The Deadliest Sin — Lily/Severus, rated PG-13 (1,894 words)
Severus Snape has already made his commitment to the Death Eaters when Lily Evans arrives at his door, a complication he hadn’t expected—a temptation he almost couldn’t resist.

It's Right In Front of You — Harry/Hermione, rated G (3,007 words)
Harry didn't know what he was looking for until it was right in front of him.

Intoxication — Hermione/Sirius, rated PG-13 (1,287 words)
Sirius has been drinking, and Hermione is feeling brave. Is playing with fire like playing with Firewhiskey?

He Didn't Like Her — Draco/Luna, rated PG (1,582 words)
Draco doesn’t like Luna. No really, he doesn’t. Canon AU.

Possession — Ginny/Remus, rated PG-13 (6,653 words)
Ginny Weasley goes to a Ministry-run Bachelorette auction and is won by the person she least suspects, but secretly hoped for. Canon AU.

Potion Play — Draco/Hermione rated G (418 words)
They were separated by a table and a cauldron when it happened.

The Room — Mystery Pairing! rated PG (393 words)
She steps from the carriage and nervously smoothes her long skirt with an exsquisitely manicured hand.

Catalyst — Lupin/Tonks, rated PG (2,749 words)
A dream is the catalyst for two people to realize what denying their feelings is doing to each other.

On Assignment — Remus/Tonks, rated G ('pre-het') (5,318 words)
Tonks and Lupin are assigned to an observation post; how will they spend their time? (Sequel to Rise and Shine)

Rise and Shine — Remus/Tonks, rated G ('pre-het') (779 words)
Remus gets the dubious pleasure of waking Tonks up for breakfast every morning for a week.


Untitled Letter — Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, rated PG (821 words)
Remus writes Sirius his first letter after arriving home for the summer after their fourth year at Hogwarts.

Perspective — Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, rated G (1,574 words)
Remus struggles to gain perspective on the events of his life at Hogwarts, both as a student and teacher.

Making It Count — Ron Weasley, rated G (1,800 words)
During the search for the last Horcrux, Ron does his part while reflecting on the toll the war has taken and might take in the future. Warning: Character Death.

Truth and Consequences — Remus Lupin, rated G (504 words)
Remus sees something in the Marauder's Map that changes his life forever. Missing scene from PoA.

Floo Powder and Teardrops — Remus Lupin, rated G (509 words)
Dumbledore has just told Remus what happened in Godric’s Hollow...

OotP R&R — Various canon character references, rated G (200 words)
A series of 100 word drabbles that were part of a larger list of humorous rules of conduct.

Death Eater R&R — Various canon character references, rated G (300 words)
A series of 100 word drabbles that were part of a larger list of humorous rules of conduct.

Mothers — Augusta Longbottom, Remus Lupin, Merope Gaunt, rated G (300 words)
A series of three 100 word drabbles with the theme of 'Mother.'

Drabble Challenge — Various Characters, (one story 'pre-het') rated G (559 words)
A series of five drabbles from five prompts which won me the title of 'Tri-Wizard Champion' in a HP themed writing contest.


Unexpected, But Not Unwelcome — Remus/Sirius, rated PG (2,288 words)
Sirius had some secrets back in the first war, but they weren't the ones Remus thought they were.

The Persistence of Memory — Harry/Ron, rated G (645 words)
A snippet written from the prompt 'pumpkins.'

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Unexpected, But Not Unwelcome — Remus/Sirius, PG
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Doubt Thou the Stars — Hermoine/Remus, James/Remus, Neville/Ginny rated PG-13 (7,236 words)
‘Alternate Reality like woah.’ James has raised his son and continued along with Sirius, Remus, the Weasleys, and the other members of the Order of the Phoenix to oppose the Death Eaters and see to it that the world is safe for their children. On a lighter note, the ‘Fearsome Fivesome’ are determined, amusing, and ready to join the action.

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