by darsynia

Notes: For the 2008 Porn Battle. Prompt was 'Atlantis/John; Unwelcome Attention.' Written: 7/29/08.

There were times in John’s life when jerking off in the shower made him feel powerful (’Not under your roof’ my ASS, dad. Literally.’ he’d thought to himself, back arched, two fingers inside), exposed (the semester his roommate was always around just had to be in the dorm with the communal showers, didn’t it), wanted (Nancy’s slight, nimble hands had moved with a rhythm his own were too large to ever duplicate), and dangerous (it was one thing to touch himself in the base’s showers, a stationary, hunched-over figure surrounded by naked, moving bodies—it was quite another to meet another man’s eyes the exact moment he came).

It had taken the journey of three million light years in a few steps—without a doubt, the fastest John had ever traveled, and he hadn’t even needed to be strapped in for it—for him to feel uncomfortable while jerking off in the shower.

He told himself he was being ridiculous—that the cold, clinical Ancient bathrooms had no bearing on setting some kind of… sexual mood, but the truth was, they did. The whole city did. John could feel Atlantis as a steady thrum just out of reach, buried in his almost-subconscious, and the presence was alien, incomprehensible in many ways. He could sense the city watching him, taking cues from his behavior...

Except—just… no. He wasn’t about to lather up and demonstrate self-love for a sentient city’s edification, no matter how much she liked him.

John lasted three weeks. Three weeks, after four days’ worth of waking up sticky and half-sated, tingling and sensitive from dreams he couldn’t remember and wasn’t sure he really wanted to.

On the twenty-second day, he stumbled into the shower after a longer than usual run and thought hot as hard as he could at the controls, pressing his palms flat against the wall behind the oddly-shaped showerhead and dropping his head so the water could flow smoothly over his neck. As he’d come to expect, the water was just hot enough to stand; another reminder that he wasn’t ever alone here, not really.

He could feel his dick start to harden as he stood braced against the spray, his legs slightly apart. How difficult could this be, really? The city wasn’t going to condemn him or put him on display, and really, it wasn’t like he would be the first gene carrier to—God, yeah, John thought, his train of thought thoroughly derailed by the first light stroke down. John shifted his weight to rest more firmly on his other arm as he reached down to rub the pads of his fingers from behind his balls all the way to the sensitive nerves right under the head of his cock.

John felt the water’s intensity waver just as he tightened his hand around his erection and started to thrust, but it felt so good to finally have the angle he craved that it didn’t register as anything more than a difference in pressure at the base of his neck, where the water was striking his body. It wasn’t until he angled his body just slightly to the side, allowing some of the heated water to flow down his flexing arm and over his sensitive cock that John realized that something was definitely different about the water itself.

A sharp, thrilling spike of pure pleasure chased after John’s fist like a shockwave and he groaned aloud, thrusting helplessly as the intensity built. Streaks of warmth licked fire across his back and down the crease of his ass, and despite himself, John rocked sideways, keeping his face away from the—what? Not water, definitely not water—spray as he pushed off from the wall and pressed his free hand against his hip, around the curve of his ass—

Jesus!” John gasped, the sensation of brushing a warm finger against his hole so amplified by the unknown substance that he started to come, his legs shaking. The force of his orgasm was so strong that he pitched forward, whining in the back of his throat as he pressed his forehead against the smooth shower wall.

By the time his heartrate had started to even out, the shower was flowing clean again, the perfectly heated water washing away all the evidence. John thought off, OFF with frightened awe, wondering if he’d just been seduced, wondering if he really cared to know, one way or another.