Here you'll find slash, gen, and het fanfiction, as well as some podfic for Stargate: Atlantis.
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Hear Me Out — McKay/Sheppard, rated PG (3,258 words)
“Have you ever noticed that rushing things seems to be a theme in this galaxy?”

Controlled Descent (Estimated Time of Arrival) — McKay/Sheppard, rated G (1,112 words)
John never expected it to happen, but he had always imagined that if it did, the setting would some sort of extreme circumstance, a life or death situation. Art by clear_as_blood.
Remix of Controlled Descent.

Convince Me — McKay/Sheppard, rated NC-17 (746 words)
“God, John, all day,” Rodney was saying, and John wanted to look, because Rodney wasn’t *touching* and Jesus, he hadn’t even thought to care whether the door was open— “All day, you, in these pants,” Rodney said...

Lure — Atlantis/Sheppard, rated NC-17 (760 words)
It had taken the journey of three million light years in a few steps—without a doubt, the fastest John had ever traveled, and he hadn’t even needed to be strapped in for it—for him to feel uncomfortable while jerking off in the shower.

Acceleration (or the NInth Time's the Charm) — McKay/Sheppard, rated NC-17 (1,577 words)
The first time Rodney feels something hit the back of his neck, he shivers.

Pulse Point — McKay/Sheppard, rated PG-13 (670 words)
John wakes slowly, his body becoming aware of its surroundings in stages, as if his senses want to take turns coming back online. 'Tabula Rasa' tag.

Equal and Opposite Reaction — McKay/Sheppard, rated PG-13 (3,278 words)
During the rare moments when Rodney isn’t lying to himself about it, he admits he’s in love with John. (AMTDI, sort of)

Harbinger — McKay/Sheppard, rated PG (613 words)
John’s tired. He’s tired, and sometimes he just wants to quit, but he loves flying, even if it is in Antarctica. Art by elli.

The Room — McKay/Sheppard (presumed one-sided), rated NC-17 (2,505 words)
He starts making a circuit of the living quarters every night before he goes to bed, adding the labs and the gateroom after a few weeks. Then, someone finds the Room, and John changes his routine.

Leia Was a Princess, Too — McKay/Sheppard, rated G (533 words)
“You’re telling me this *now*?”

Controlled Descent — McKay/Sheppard (presumed unrequited), rated G (526 words)
It shouldn’t hurt this much. Remixed by me as Controlled Descent (Estimated Time of Arrival).

Think the Dancer Mad — McKay/Sheppard, rated PG (9,424 words)
Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad. —Proverbs Art by clear_as_blood.

We're Onto Something — McKay/Sheppard, rated NC-17 (2,139 words)
"You're thinking so hard I can hear it through your stupid hair," Rodney said, his voice muffled through the blanket and several layers of drool. Sequel to Gentling.

Stuck On You — McKay/Sheppard, rated G (1,407 words)
"Isn't that just typical," Chipped muttered to himself. Then, a little louder, he said, "You don't have much room to talk--at least I don't have a *mutant edge*. I thought there were regulations against that sort of thing." Complete AU.

Gentling — McKay/Sheppard, rated G (378 words)
Rodney wakes when the mattress shifts from John's weight beside him.

Acceptable Risk — McKay/Sheppard, rated PG-13 (3,152 words)
It was April when they kissed the first time.
(Also podfic'd by me, and commentary'd by vida_boheme.)

Drift — McKay/Sheppard, rated NC-17 (2,382 words)
“Even my nightmares are selfish,” Rodney says miserably. 'Doppelganger' tag.

How Many Astrophysicists... — McKay/Sheppard, rated PG (8,226 words)
'I really should have been paying attention,' John told himself as he sat on a cracked Ancient console, gun on his lap, watching the foot-high water lap at the soles of his boots.

Leap Day — McKay/Sheppard, rated G (1,116 words)
"There are traditions, and things," John managed, adding quickly, "Though, most of those have to do with marriage proposals, actually, and women being able to ask the man, and something about bad luck—"


What Really Matters — McKay & Sheppard friendship, G (1,227 words)
They were almost to the stairs that led to the gate when McKay's hologram stopped, looking behind them for a moment as though he'd forgotten something, or maybe looking for an audience that wasn't, couldn't be there.'The Last Man' tag. (Also podfic'd)

Doctor's Excuse — Keller & McKay friendship, rated G (888 words)
Rodney limped into the infirmary in what he'd been sure was an entirely convincing way, right up until the moment Doctor Keller had caught sight of him from across the room and started walking over.

Those Left Behind — McKay & Sheppard friendship, rated G (1,252 words)
"We missed you, you know." 'Epiphany' tag. (Also podfic'd)


Most of the Time — Keller/McKay, rated PG (4,500 words)
Jennifer and Rodney find an intriguing room in Atlantis's unexplored region, John plays overprotective brother, and realizations are made. Written for 2008's sga_santa.

Come Ashore — Emmagan/McKay, rated PG (3,885 words)
Teyla and Rodney spend some time stuck in a puddlejumper and discover that their feelings aren't as unrequited as they thought—but life is rarely uncomplicated, and this is no exception. Post-'Tabula Rasa.'

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Acceptable Risk — McKay/Sheppard, PG-13
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What Really Matters — McKay & Sheppard friendship, G
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Those Left Behind — McKay & Sheppard friendship, G
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