Convince Me

by darsynia

Notes: For the 2008 Porn Battle. Prompt was 'John/Rodney; Dominance.' Written: 8/01/08.

“Okay, that’s it.”

John had barely rested his hip against the table when he heard the words; he didn’t have much time to note that Rodney sounded kind of sexy when he was stressed before there was a broad hand flat on his chest pushing him backwards. John was so surprised that he just went with it, catching Rodney’s eye just as his back hit something solid—definitely sexy; the look on Rodney’s face was almost feral, and his eyes were bright and challenging. John knew that look. His body knew that look. He was hard before Rodney’s other hand came up to grip the side of his face, possessive thumb stroking his jaw, angling his face just so.

Except, they were still in Rodney’s lab, it was the afternoon, for God’s sake—

Rodney smirked just before he licked into John’s mouth. No possibility of misinterpretation or objection, just sensation, the danger as well as the pleasure of it. John struggled for control for a fruitless minute, but Rodney just stepped closer and arched his lower body against John’s, fingers sliding across a clothed nipple at the same time. John’s view of the empty doorway grew blurry and then dark as he shut his eyes and gave in, sliding one hand around Rodney’s back to tangle in his shirt.

Rodney let out a satisfied noise, and the wall behind John disappeared.

John tightened his grip and broke the kiss, but Rodney had been prepared for this, apparently. In a move that John recognized, he confidently turned John’s body around so that John lost his grip and ended up landing hands-first, bent over an impressively cluttered desk. Rodney’s office? Oh. Oh. John tipped his head down and took a deep breath, so hard with adrenaline and anticipation that he’d almost missed the muttering going on behind him.

“God, John, all day,” Rodney was saying, and John wanted to look, because Rodney wasn’t touching and Jesus, he hadn’t even thought to care whether the door was open— “All day, you, in these pants,” Rodney said, and finally he was there, flush against John, his big hands squeezing John’s thighs, cock pressing hot through their clothes, right up against him.

“Yeah?” John said, holding completely still and putting all his momentum into his tone of voice, instead. Rodney groaned, and started on John’s belt, jerking the fastenings open with his chest against John’s back, voice rough in John’s ear.

“These pants—” the belt was free, and Rodney ripped open John’s fly, uncaring of where the button flew “—make your ass look—” zip open, Rodney pulled the waistband of John’s boxers over his aching cock (without touching him, damnit) and shoved John’s pants and boxers down, palming his ass. John could feel Rodney slide down until he was kneeling, and suddenly John’s legs felt wobbly.

“Woah, Rodney—” he said, trying not to sound, well, scared, but he thought they’d agreed—

“Shut up, we’re doing this, we’re so doing this,” Rodney panted, breath hot against John’s bare skin, and God, God, Rodney’s thumbs were spreading him, brushing against his hole. John’s cock didn’t seem to remember that it wasn’t supposed to like this idea; instead, he was leaking all over the file folders that weren’t stacked high enough for him to rub against.

The first touch was gentle, but in no way tentative—Rodney’s tongue swirling hot and wet around the outside once, twice, and then Rodney’s thumb pressing slowly across him, which was somehow even more intimate, like a reminder of the difference between the two touches. John moaned low in his throat as the long, slow stroke of Rodney’s thumb seemed to go on and on.

“John,” Rodney whispered, and John pictured him, one hand spread wide, holding John open, his blue eyes dark as he watched his thumb slide over every nerve ending.

“Again,” John groaned, wishing he had the leverage to thrust back. “Please, Rodney—”

Rodney made an inarticulate noise and moved his hand away, breath warm and moist and yes, his tongue brushed across John’s hole, teasing, playful, but this was for them, both of them, and John got it, finally, just in time to drop his weight onto his elbows and shudder with pleasure, undone in every way.